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Threesome Turned Gang bang For My Wife

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Thanks for the awesome response to my previous story. I am here to share another experience of me and my wife Sneha. So after the wonderful sexual encounter in the foursome with my brother and bhabhi, I and Sneha decided to try out more interesting stuff to make our sex life exciting. I had always told Sneha about how excited I feel when I imagine her getting fucked by another man. So we decided to try out a threesome. We were very confused and cautious about… Read more

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Hot GM Of A Firm Met Me Through Locanto

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Myself Krish, 22 years old and pursuing my graduation from one of the top 10 institutes of India. This was a real story happened when I was doing my internship last summer in Chennai. I had been working in an MNC for about 3 months. I stayed in a 1bhk flat nearby Shollingnallur. Staying alone for 3 months in an unknown place is a bit difficult and I felt very bored. I started surfing when I came… Read more

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First Time Gay

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My summer between middle school and freshman year was quite eventful. However, Let me back up to a couple of years before freshman year when I first discovered masturbation. It took me a couple of months of masturbating to actually climax. I accomplished my first orgasm after masturbating for 45 minutes one evening. I was probably so loud everyone in the house knew what I was doing. That was it. I was completely fascinated and addicted to masturbation. Growing up there were woods and fields behind my house. I would whack off in my woods completely nude all the time. I would sneak out of my hou… Read more

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My firt time

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I was invited by one of my friends to Colorado to play in the snow, we often talked about trying nude skiing and he said he new a spot we could go. When I arrived we talked about what I would like to do and I said that I brought some toys with me that we could try while we are playing in the snow such as very large butt plug that is open in center, 26 in. 2 3/4 bat and bottle of Jack. The next night was perfect to go out with fresh snow and a full moon, I only skied a couple times before so I was very new and fell on my ass many times that night. I was tired of falling so I wanted to try slid… Read more

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The Boarder

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I opened the door and walked in. I had my camera and checklist to complete my property inspection. Downstairs I checked the laundry and garage taking photos and notes. I moved on upstairs where I found the open plan living space in disarray, toys strewn across the floor, a hole in the wall, dirty plates on the table, kitchen benches covered in stuff. "Mmmm oh oh oh yes fuck... Don't stop" I heard coming from down the hall. I debated do I make a loud noise to announce my presence, or sneak a peak. I had advised the tenant that a property inspection was to take place. Usually Candace kept the… Read more

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Jenny’s Journey


Just over two years ago, I had dropped my wife and her sister off at the bus terminal. We had recently come into a fair amount of money, so they decided to do a 10 day charter bus tour. That was great for me. My marriage is mostly one of convenience. My wife and I have been living like brother and sister for many years. Sex was the most remote thing on her mind…so I was looking forward to my 10 days of freedom more than they were for their trip. As I was walking back to my car, that’s when I spotted her. She was very thin…if not down-right skinny. She was pan-handling – looking for some cash.… Read more

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Joan the thieving little cunt gets punished.

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Joan sat uneasily in the seat looking across the big office desk at the company investigator an ex senior police officer. "Joan I'm here to find out who stole the missing money. " my poker face on. Strict and firm. "Did you take it" Joan breaks down in tears. "I... It... " Joan was young, married, mortgaged, and entitled. She wore a blouse unbuttoned to reveal cleavage, her skirt short showed off her long stocking encased legs, high heels. Her long strawberry blonde hair coiffed in to a bun. The reading spectacles designer label. How they lived on meagre wages the couple made did not com… Read more

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My slutty lil 420 queen (milf)


My Sexy little 420 queen. My first story here was about the same girl as this. Writing the original brought back a huge amount of dirty memories. We really had an amazing sex life. It's just a shame that her personality let so much to be desired. So as I mentioned in the other story her name on here is "Penny". At the time we dated she was 24 and I was 28. Petite 5ft1 with long brown hair, always down and sexy as hell. Bright green eyes with a real fuck me look and a cute smile. Her body was decent over all. Very little tits which doesn't bother me at all. Her ass more than made up for it.… Read more

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My Journey pt 1: Losing my anal cherry and the mix

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So I've been putting off writing about my first official anal experience as my thoughts about it still remain unsure, whether it was 100% consensual or not. However, whichever way I look at it at the end I did go through one hell of a "slut" period. Here is the breakdown: So to skip some boring details but provide some background. The gurl that ended up taking my anal cherry was, at the time my ex gf, who just so happened to be a ts prostitute (something I wasn't aware of until about a week or two into our relationship but was ok with it. She wasn't a street walker but more a call girl and… Read more

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amazing mom


at the age of eighteen, I was sick and tired of the way my stepdad was treating my mom, he was a beer drinking, cigarette chain smoking fucking waster, he hadn't worked in three years, while my mom was out working two jobs to help keep a roof over our heads, I finally snapped when he was sitting on the couch, after eating a meal my mom had prepared for him, after coming in from work, "get me a beer from the fridge " I heard him say to my mother, that did it for me, Why don't you get up and get it yourself you fat lazy bastard I told him, he looked at me with hate in his eyes, and was just abou… Read more

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The Journey (a short story).


Geoff got on the 211 bus at 5:15 as he did every day on his way home from the office. Even in filthy, wet weather like this he liked to head upstairs and stare out of the window as it made its way through the Lancashire countryside. The scenery helped to speed through the 40 minutes or so. On this occasion there was a particularly striking brunette across the gangway, one row in front of him. The top deck had several others on it but they were all sat forward of him and this pretty girl. He was k**ding himself that his gaze was fixed on her pretty face and long, brunette hair. But the reality… Read more

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CHAPTER THREE: Our new reality. It didn’t feel different. It didn’t look different. There was a constant feeling that I should be able to look up the mountain to the east and see that large concrete research facility looming over the valley. After numerous times of looking up, it started truly sinking into my troubled brain that it wasn’t ever going to be up there. That became depressing. My training in survival prepared me to deal with the world in its most primal nature. But it is one thing to train for it and ano… Read more

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CHAPTER TWO: I felt pain in my right leg and left shoulder. There was probably more than that, but those were the worst. I opened my eyes and thought my vision was messed up, too, then realized that I was face down in the leaves and dirt. I turned my head and I only saw seemingly random objects close to my face, but as I concentrated, the images cleared to branches and leaves. I was underneath a bush. Underneath a bush? My mind fumbled with this new reality and it was having difficulty, it was having difficulty rele… Read more

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My Boyfriend is Away

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I've really have enjoyed my time away from my boyfriend and a chance to visit my family but I've also missed our passionate sex. Its been about a couple of months since he and I have been together and I really need to feel him inside me and of course me sucking his super hard morning cock which I'll never tell him is my passion not just his but sucking cock in general. I'm getting back home a week before him and I'm not sure I can last that long as I yearn for some hot physical sex and the touch and feel from my man. I'm heading back to Phoenix tomorrow morning and he was supposed to fly here… Read more

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CHAPTER ONE: Upon exiting the elevator on the lab level, my first glance down the corridor in front of me made it very clear that something dramatic had changed. I stepped forward with Bo alongside me as was now our routine for these weekend schedules. I saw several new faces for guards and any hesitation might have been an alarm depending on why there was such a new and heightened interest in security. The area outside the elevator door was only a small room. There was only one door, besides the elevator, and it was… Read more

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Midnight Delights

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So here we are again, welcome everyone (I am back for now), so my story for tonight picks up at my on a rainy stormy night, I am just now getting home from another bullshit day at work. Another day another dollar. I am riding my metallic green old fashion 10 speed drop bar vintage Univega road bike that’s bicycle. To clear up any confusion I am a cyclist ( I really am, I’m also a bike commuter around my area you may catch me on my bike). A true cyclist no motor no Bluetooth nothing just my chain, my paddles and my energy a old school bicycle. It helps me maintain what physique I may or may not… Read more

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My Hot Step Mom


My step-mom Raquel suddenly opened the door and walked into my bedroom, her 5-inch black vinyl stiletto heels clicking on the tiled floor. Astonished, I gawked at her clothing as she caught me with my pyjama pants down, lying on my bed with my massive 12-inch cock in my hands. More pre-cum oozed from the head as I watched her sit down next to me on the bed. "Good morning, honey," she purred to me, and my eyes were glued to her huge breasts, barely contained by a black silk push-up bra. I must have stared at her for a full minute, my eyes roving from her stilettoes, up her stocking clad legs t… Read more

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my first BBC

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My first encounter with a BBC came about at a sauna in south Wales. I never knew or asked his name but as soon as I saw the guy lounging in the jacuzzi with this cock all erect and looking good enough to eat I knew I had to have it. To be fair, it wasn't just his cock that attracted me either. The fact was that he was a younger guy who clearly went to the gym and worked out. As soon as I saw him I was in lust. I slid into the jacuzzi and smiled. Strangely we were the only 2 people in the jacuzzi at that time. I tried acting naturally as he gently stroked his magnificent tool but I had to tou… Read more

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Spanish surprise

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Myself and Anne are lucky enough to have an apartment in Spain which was the setting for a fantastic surprise recently we booked some last minute flights for a few days away I contacted a few people who we had made friends with over the last couple of years to see who was available for a round of golf or to maybe head out on the bikes Adrian Kevin and Ian got back to me and the decision was to grab the mountain bikes and head off into the hills on the Sunday. Sunday morning I was up out early leaving Anne to relax back at the apartment as usual on our rides it involves a stop at a bar on the r… Read more

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The Naughty daughter

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She bit her lip, looking up at her daddy as he held her, arms pinned to the wall on either side of her face. He looked at her with his disarming eyes, making promises without needing words. She was his baby: She would never turn back now. Noting, now, that her expression changed to one of complete submission, he rushed forward. His lips closed around her neck, and he let his savage desires free. She gasped, digging her head back into the wall as he dug his nails into the palms of her hands. Reaching down, he grabbed her by the ass, feeling the fabric of her school uniform being crushed benea… Read more

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