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Hot GM Of A Firm Met Me Through Locanto

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Myself Krish, 22 years old and pursuing my graduation from one of the top 10 institutes of India. This was a real story happened when I was doing my internship last summer in Chennai. I had been working in an MNC for about 3 months. I stayed in a 1bhk flat nearby Shollingnallur. Staying alone for 3 months in an unknown place is a bit difficult and I felt very bored. I started surfing when I came… Read more

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The Boarder

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I opened the door and walked in. I had my camera and checklist to complete my property inspection. Downstairs I checked the laundry and garage taking photos and notes. I moved on upstairs where I found the open plan living space in disarray, toys strewn across the floor, a hole in the wall, dirty plates on the table, kitchen benches covered in stuff. "Mmmm oh oh oh yes fuck... Don't stop" I heard coming from down the hall. I debated do I make a loud noise to announce my presence, or sneak a peak. I had advised the tenant that a property inspection was to take place. Usually Candace kept the… Read more

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my first BBC

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My first encounter with a BBC came about at a sauna in south Wales. I never knew or asked his name but as soon as I saw the guy lounging in the jacuzzi with this cock all erect and looking good enough to eat I knew I had to have it. To be fair, it wasn't just his cock that attracted me either. The fact was that he was a younger guy who clearly went to the gym and worked out. As soon as I saw him I was in lust. I slid into the jacuzzi and smiled. Strangely we were the only 2 people in the jacuzzi at that time. I tried acting naturally as he gently stroked his magnificent tool but I had to tou… Read more

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My Hot Step Mom


My step-mom Raquel suddenly opened the door and walked into my bedroom, her 5-inch black vinyl stiletto heels clicking on the tiled floor. Astonished, I gawked at her clothing as she caught me with my pyjama pants down, lying on my bed with my massive 12-inch cock in my hands. More pre-cum oozed from the head as I watched her sit down next to me on the bed. "Good morning, honey," she purred to me, and my eyes were glued to her huge breasts, barely contained by a black silk push-up bra. I must have stared at her for a full minute, my eyes roving from her stilettoes, up her stocking clad legs t… Read more

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Spanish surprise

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Myself and Anne are lucky enough to have an apartment in Spain which was the setting for a fantastic surprise recently we booked some last minute flights for a few days away I contacted a few people who we had made friends with over the last couple of years to see who was available for a round of golf or to maybe head out on the bikes Adrian Kevin and Ian got back to me and the decision was to grab the mountain bikes and head off into the hills on the Sunday. Sunday morning I was up out early leaving Anne to relax back at the apartment as usual on our rides it involves a stop at a bar on the r… Read more

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Meeting Sarah Part1


It was the end of March when I finally moved to a new neighborhood after my divorce became final. Since I work nights as an ER doctor at a local hospital, I have a hard time meeting and interacting with most people as they are going to work as I'm coming home. One morning I came home to find an invite on my door to a block party that was happening that Saturday night. Since I had the weekend off, I figured what the heck. Saturday rolled around, and I was fashionably late to the party. Several of the neighbors had pulled their BBQ grills out to their drive ways and were already cooking. As I s… Read more

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I Started Fucking A Younger Man Behind My Husband’

HardcoreMature I am 37 years old and a happily married woman. My husband is named Bobby and he is 42. We have 2 k**s, two daughters, 14 and 11 years old. I was a teacher that specialized in library science but I left teaching to stay at home with the k**s. We have a very nice and comfortable life. My husband is an executive with a large company and he provides well for us. Our sex life was always been good and satisfying. Although the frequency of our encounters has waned a little as the k**s have grown and as Bobby has become more busy at work. I am always driving the k**s to o… Read more

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CHAPTER NINE: My recovery from the attack at the cafe, almost losing Mitch, and my killing a man even if he was an asshole, occurred with far less trauma than what I suffered through after the abuse that Mitch had rescued me from. It still came to me with a rush at times, typically when it was quiet but fully awake. Sometimes in dreams I would see pieces of that day, the sounds, the flying glass, and the most scary of images for me – Mitch standing in front of that psycho with a gun pointed at his head. Mitch made me promise to tell him about every occurrence, to talk each one through… Read more

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Marcus and Gracie

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My wife Gracie is more than 60 years old. She is typically pale white standing at 5’2”, weighing it at 125 pounds. We have three grown c***dren and live alone, except for the frequent visits from our grandc***d. Gracie is known as “quiet & shy” by everyone. At my persistence, Gracie began sharing her body with other men during the latter part of 1983. She became obsessed with it. After a little vetting and proof of a recent STD test, she can be had by almost any man. She has fulfilled the fantasies of old men, young men, fat men and men of all races. She has a soft spot for guys who might… Read more

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Exposed Cocksucker Glenn Saslow

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As you can see from the photo, I'm Glenn Saslow, a mature gay cocksucker. I started sucking cock one afternoon in the locker room at work. Myself and the crew were changing out of our work clothes to go home for the day. My crew consisted of seven black guys. We were all in the same stage of changing, all nude. I opened my locker, and before I realized it, several photos fell out of my locker, and fell on the floor. Before I could even start to bend over to pick up the fallen photos, the guys had picked them up, and started to… Read more

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How i lost my virginity! (My True Story)

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Ive been a member on here for a while now, just lurking and browsing various profiles and basically enjoying my time here. I've decided its time for me to make my first post and what better way to start than the story of how i lost my virginity. Names will be changed to protect people's identities. Well it all happened a few weeks after i had turned 18 years old. Till that time the closest i had come to seeing the naked female body was at the beach or the pools seeing women in their bikini's and the "camel toe's" which accompanied them, apart from in porn video's i should say. Now let me expl… Read more

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I Love wearing stockings with no knickers


And my husband loves me to go out like that too. I love it when I go out with my husband wearing stockings, garter belt, heels and no knickers, it is such a turn on, for me, for him, and for the guys that I decide to share our secret with. Long skirts, long dresses, short skirts and short dresses, shaven or hairy, it does not matter. After I have had a drink or two to loosen up, I love to first show my stocking tops and then to maybe open my legs slightly to put those guys watching into a bit of frenzy. For a lunch date I wore this little dress with stockings, heels, and, of course, no knicker… Read more

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Private encounters

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I'm sure you've all read all my info on my profile page so you know what turns me on re gay encounters. I do love being spunked over - the feeling of warm cum splashing all over my face is fantastic and the smell and taste of fresh cream acts as such a powerful aphrodisiac. Do any of you find that too? I've been married a long time and have never had sex with another woman in all that time. I've had quite a few men and to be honest I usually end up feeling a bit guilty about that so God knows how I'd feel if I had another woman! The closest I've ever got was when I met a guy a few years back… Read more

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Me and my cock and what I like to do with it.

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Just to clear up a little misconception for all those folks kind enough to compliment me on my cock and the perceived size of it: I don't have a big cock - unfortunately!!! Whenever I have a solo session I take half a tablet of viagra beforehand (or if I'm meeting someone I take a whole one) which not only keeps me hard but makes my cock EXTREMELY hard. This, in turn, makes it LOOK as if my cock is big but I can assure you it isn't (and you should see it when it's flaccid!!). To be fair it's years since I last measured it but I do know that fully erect it was 6" which I think is just about nor… Read more

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Sex, Reform School, Probation, more Sex


We lived in a small seaside resort town that had a good tourist 'clientele', and I use that word because my single parent mother was a hooker and I was her lookout. When the bars emptied around midnight, she made sure the drunks saw her as a sexual release, mother,s prices were on the cheapish side and her ability to pull a dozen or so men for quickies, was legendary, well in my eyes. She was affectionately known as the 'Milking Maid', and could move smoothly from a hand-job, to a blow-job, to a bare-back against a wall, and as the men heaved into her, she was tallying the charges, as her bo… Read more

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Once more I looked out the window at Nancy , she was still sleeping by the pool in her tight one piece suit , even though Carol was right here in my bed naked and willing to please me I was still thinking of Nancy . Since Jean and her mom Angie would be out until early evening I'd have hours alone with both of them to fill my taboo urges and lusts . Now that I'd taken of Carols bathing suit the sight of her naked smooth body at my knees , she was still on her stomach those soft white cheeks fully exposed as I ran my hand up an down her chubby inner thighs . I'd go just high enough and stop… Read more

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CHAPTER SEVEN: That night with Blackie was followed by another try several days later. Mitch and I never specifically talked about how Blackie might fit into a sexual relationship. He seemed to just be content that it was. That first time with Blackie was nice. Yeah, I know, ‘nice’ doesn’t sound like an overwhelming endorsement for canine sex, but ‘nice’ is a world better than ‘not nice’. We may not have talked specifically about how Blackie would fit in (and suddenly that sounds like a pun), but we spent considerable time talking about the awkwardness of the experience with Blackie.… Read more

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My BBW wife loves our old neighbor!


This is a short story about my shared wife and one of our recent encounters. It was the normal Sunday morning scene, sat in church on one of those uncomfortable folding chairs next to my wife beth listening to the vicar give his sermon, he was going on about the evils of alcoholism....again. on another occasion I would have been bored rigid, but this was different, very different. I glanced around at the others, all dressed in their Sunday best, quite busy this morning, around 50 had turned up, good. It felt somehow better knowing there were lots here, more cover I suppose, made me feel a bit… Read more

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A Night With My Wife And Her Older Lesbian Lover

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I live in a wealthy suburb of Chicago. I have long accepted that my wife Julie was Bi-Sexual. Julie was a very successful Realtor so she met a lot of women through work. A parade of women seemed to pass through her life. The weekends away and two in the morning “dinners” with her lesbian friends did not bother me. None of these relationships lasted very long. I knew why these women were attracted to her. Julie had a somewhat masculine face, was very muscular and appeared to be what some people would call “manly”. But Julie was also absolutely beautiful with long dark hair, beautiful eyes and t… Read more

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Mommy – My Whore Wife-1


My mother Eva is 36 years old, we live in together in Delhi. My mom got married to my father when she was about 18 years old but he was about 25 years older than her. My mother never wanted to marry him but was forced by her parents. My father belonged to a very rich family & was the only heir to all the property, so i guess for her well being she was forced to marry him by her parents. Two years after the marriage, my father died due to a heart… Read more

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